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ECC Sign In Systems
  • ECC Sign In Systems Easy tracking of child sign-in/sign-outs
  • ECC Sign In Systems Alerts employees with notifications if a child is not signed in/signed out within the allocated time
  • ECC Sign In Systems Efficient management of children's counts during field trips
  • ECC Sign In Systems Streamlined online sign-in/sign-out data management
  • ECC Sign In Systems Bulk easy import of children's data with a simple Excel file upload
  • ECC Sign In Systems Powerful dashboard to manage everything in one place, including child logs, employee logs, visitor logs, and more
  • ECC Sign In Systems Third-party integrations to enhance the App's capabilities
  • ECC Sign In Systems Customizable to fit your centre's specific needs.

Seamlessly integrate parents sign in
& visitor management services with VLOG

  • ECC Sign In Systems


    It keeps parents and guardians happy with a digital sign in-out the system that maintains daily audit logs and can track sign-in and sign-out times down to the second.

  • ECC Sign In Systems


    The highly customisable app with a centralised dashboard for managing sign-ins, appointments, meetings, or tracking visitors. The easy-to-use app lets you focus on what matters most to your

  • ECC Sign In Systems


    With the App, The ECC centre's staff can safely and efficiently track the day’s sign-ins and sign-outs, ensuring no child is ever unaccounted for. This is all done right from any Android or Apple mobile device, so say goodbye to the front desk clipboard!

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